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Learn how to Plan with the Top Coach in Austin and Accelerate Your Business!

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This workshop is for you! Our 1-day workshop will leave you with a detailed action plan for the next quarter as you build it alongside other successful business owners from around Texas.

Business Owners attend this workshop to create detailed plans for their businesses. There are two basic ways to grow a business – Trial and Error where you waste a lot of time and money -or- Accountability with Guaranteed Results. Why would you not want Guaranteed Results?

Learn how to Plan with the Top Coach in Austin and Accelerate Your Business!

Who is Dr. Michael Hartley?

Just a left-handed, dyslexic kid from Detroit who found the one thing he was good at, listening to others describe their situation and then find a way to make it better. While he works alongside Fortune 100 company executives today, it was only 15yrs ago he was just starting out as a local business owner with an idea and a startup. From working with brands like TED, Maserati, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, The Lincoln Motor Company, and more… Dr. Hartley is now driven to guiding businesses on how to increase their income and get more life. Currently writing the Vacation Coach, because business should give you more vacation, he works with local business owners across Austin to build businesses that can run without the owner.


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It is time to get your tickets! Every business owner should have a detailed 90-Day plan each quarter. Join us for PlanningCLUB on January 11th from 10a-4p at Great Hills Country Club. It is time to take ACTION in your business with the top Business Accelerator in Austin.

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