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FOCUS: What is your #1 Priority?

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What’s your #1 Priority? When I ask business owners this question, the answers are varied and interesting. When I narrow it to a choice of three: the team, the customers or the business overall, the answers are still varied and interesting. Allow me to help.

In a business that’s working well, the owner focuses on the team, allowing the team to focus on the customers and the customers, in turn, to take care of the business. The business then supports the owners’ goals, objectives and dreams. When it works like this, it’s a beautiful thing!

One of my clients pointed out to me that this singular focus was simple but not easy. True enough! To focus your attention on the team is a lot of work if you are going to do it effectively.

It means that you are responsible for getting – and keeping — the absolutely best people you can find to fill each role on the team and that they are trained, motivated, fully engaged. It also means that everyone – including you as the owner / leader – is clear on his or her role and how each person contributes to overall success of the business and the team.

In order to do this, you need to provide clear direction, a compelling vision for the future, a meaningful mission / purpose that everyone can support and smart (specific, measurable, achievable, results-oriented, time-based) goals. Then you need to identify how success will be measured and provide regular feedback and encouragement, as well as rewards and consequences.

Continual development of your own leadership skills is critical. This is a life long learning opportunity. It’s a commitment. But the dividends are incredible. When your team is fully engaged – and happy – they take better care of your customers. When they know what’s expected and they are trained to do it, they get better results. When they get feedback, they improve. The potential for growth becomes stronger.

Your customers will notice. They will reward you with more of their own business and refer others to you as well. And the business will grow. And it will provide a return on your investment. It will enable you to achieve the things that are important to you and your family. And to dream bigger dreams.

Think about how you spend your time and money and what that says about what’s important to you. What’s your number one priority? What should it be?

Choose to be the #ConstantStudent and begin to Accelerate Your Business Today!

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